Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Water-Soluble Powder
Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Water-Soluble Powder

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Water-Soluble Powder

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We have take our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and turned it into a water-soluble powder with up to 10x absorption using our A3 technology. 

85mg of A3 oil per gram 

with up to 10x absorption

85mg of A3 oil

absorbs like up too 

850mg of regular oil 

Do you want the fastest acting hemp product on the market? Our product is designed to be absorbed quicker and more efficiently then other hemp extract products.


We take full spectrum hemp oil extract (naturally high in CBD) and enhance it with nano emulsion technology making the oil have more Active Accurate Absorption.


Because we are made of water, and this product is an oil. Since oil and water do not naturally mix we make the oil 1,000,000,000 times smaller. This allows the oil to be absorbed right into the cell for maximum absorption and low waste. 

Nano emulsions have been show to have a bioavailability of 7-10x compared to normal oil. That means you’re really not getting what most people put on there label

Did you know you only absorbed 10-30% of regular oils?

That means 70%-90% goes right to waste.

Not anymore.

With 1000mg of isolate, you only absorb 100-300mg.

Just like with vitamins, if it isn’t absorbed it goes to waste. 

Stop getting snake oil products. There is a reason the latest research raves about the benefits of full-extracts when compared to isolates.

Isolate vs Full-Spectrum

100% USA Hemp and USA company

3rd party Lab tested