Meet Eve and A3 Technology


Meet Eve!


Hello and welcome to the New Wellness Order Know Your Info Section. 
I'm Eve and I'm part of the team here at NWO. I joined this team because I saw all the exciting and innovating things that this team was doing so I decided to help. Now I'm here to teach you a cool thing or two. 
The first things is:
What is A3 technology?
Well let me describe it to you this way. 
Imagine me as a molecule. Then my team here at New Wellness Order works on me using forms of quantum physics to break me down until I'm 1 billion times my original size! And now, because I've been broken down, there are a bunch of pieces of me like an army of ants!
This is where things get interesting, because all my other pieces get their own nano skin which allows us to sit inside our new concentrate. One concentrate is made of water so we go inside the water and are floating within it.
This water becomes Our delivery system.
Then when this water goes in your body my friends and I break free! Since we are so small, we don't get absorbed the normal way. Instead, we can be absorbed right away because now we are now so small we can travel right to the cells of your body.
This means less waste and less time waiting to be filtered and absorbed by the body.  
When A3 Technology is used it allows us to be absorbed faster, have a stronger effect, and last longer.